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IHF Association Leaders Circle - felhívás

Alábbiakban olvashatják az IHF tavalyi évben indított "IHF Association Leaders Circle (ALC)" elnevezésű kezdeményezését, mely egy exkluzív platform a kórházi és egészségügyi szektor vezetői részére.


Considering the specific nature of our members, we believe that leaders of hospital associations faces similar challenges and this is why we have established the IHF Association Leaders Circle (ALC), an exclusive platform for association leaders of the hospital and healthcare sector which provides a unique environment to exchange views on key and strategic matters, share knowledge and best practices, and engage in discussions about current challenges and opportunities with peers across the world.

The ALC provides exceptional networking opportunities and is an impressive international incubator for ideas and solutions enabling it members greater success for their associations and their professional development.

As mentioned, the inaugural meeting of the ALC was held in person last November during the 44th World Hospital Congress in Barcelona. Representatives of 18 associations joined the meeting and shared their experiences, concerns, challenges, and opportunities on the topic of the healthcare workforce. All participants agreed that workforce is critical, and the pandemic has increased the gap between the number of practicing professionals and the number of vacancies. Both the fragmentation of the healthcare sector and the competitive landscape negatively impact the wellbeing of health professionals (concerns on mental health and burnout of health workers). There is need to implement short-term strategies to retain healthcare workers and long-term strategies to reduce the workforce gap.

In addition to the in-person meeting during the IHF World Hospital Congress, this year we will held a virtual event in April on clinical staff retention: participants will take away innovative strategies and good practices regarding clinical staff retention and learn new ways on how to better support their members on this agenda. About representatives of 30 National Hospital Associations are expected to participate in the discussion.

This initiative is open to leaders of National Hospital Association members of the IHF (Full or Premier).