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Our Solidarity Message on COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak is affecting an increasing number of populations across the world, placing great strain on health services delivery organizations. The International Hospital Federation does not seek to overlap with the key role of the World Health Organization at the global level, and of the countries' national agencies and health service organizations giving the most appropriate recommendations in a fast-evolving situation.

However, we do wish to underscore the essential role played by the health service providers that are on the front line to support all those affected by the virus and providing responses for the most critical cases. We all must recognize the work carried out by all health professionals: this is not only because it is their job to do so that we shouldn't praise them for what they are doing while taking serious risks with their own health to care for others.

The International Hospital Federation is grateful for the work done by the hospitals and health service providers around the world, demonstrating the importance of having a solid hospital and health care system to face unexpected challenges in public health.

Dr. Risto Miettunen                                            Eric de Roodenbeke
IHF President                                                           IHF CEO